We’re sorry to see our Audi Q5 long-termer go back this week. Its one of the best 5-seat family cars we’ve driven – no its not a ‘sport utility vehicle’ – and despite every version coming with Quattro 4-wheel drive, it’s not really designed to go off-road. If you want an off-road vehicle then you should be looking at a Land Rover Discovery Sport or if you just want to get places other vehicles can’t, a Jeep Wrangler. No, the Q5 is just a great family car

It has a really beautiful cabin of the highest quality exuding a sense that it’s been engineered to the very highest standards throughout. Every surface, right down to the lower cabin plastics around the door pockets, is made with that soft-touch heft that we’ve come to associate with the interior finishes of the highest quality cars. And the refinement is outstanding. Regardless of what’s under the bonnet, and what speed you happen to be doing at any particular time, the Q5 is a quiet, relaxing thing. The engines themselves are remarkably efficient given the size and weight of the car, and there’s a plug-in hybrid version that offers theoretical 3-figure fuel economy and significant company car tax breaks. It’s a car that basically does everything very well indeed.

Behind the wheel it offers superb high-riding smoothness and excellent rolling refinement. The ergonomics are fantastic, with a wide range of driving position adjustment and excellent visibility all around, and all of the engines – including the diesels – settle into near-enough silence at town speed and on the motorway. The steering is light, the pedals are progressive and easy to modulate, and the body control makes for smooth (if not quite luxurious) ride quality, while keeping the body relatively roll-free when cornering.

All Q5 models come with an automatic gearbox – as is common at this end of the market – and while Audi’s twin-clutch unit is perfectly smooth and quick-shifting the majority of the time, it also suffers from slightly laggy throttle response. That’s really the only irritation, albeit a minor one, in a driving experience that’s otherwise flawless, near enough.

Drawbacks? Well the rear leg room isn’t great although some derivatives offer the sliding rear bench, which is useful for extending the usable boot capacity at the expense of rear space, but even in its most rearward position its still a little cramped for taller people in the back, given the imposing exterior of the Q5

In summary, if you want a genuinely lovely family-sized SUV with a premium badge on it, lots of equipment, and your kids’ legs aren’t too long, the Q5 is a superbly built and eminently sensible choice. Very few cars at any price have a cabin that feels this well built and whilst the rear space and boot volume aren’t the biggest in the class, this is still a spacious family car

Highly recommended by us and we’re sad to see it go

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Audi Q5 Long Term Test