VW Group Company Elli has become the market leader among Europe’s charging network providers with 500,000 charging stations, adding 100,000 charging points to its network in the last 4 months alone.

Elli gives customers a comfortable, cross-border charging experience, providing access to some 950 providers in 28 countries. A close-knit, reliable charging network and easy- to-use charging stations are the key to e-mobility. They allow drivers to use their electric vehicle without range anxiety.

Thomas Schmall, CEO said, “Half a million charging points in the Elli charging network represent an important milestone on our e-mobility roadmap. Together with our partners we are building a comprehensive, seamless charging network in Europe.”

Along with the conventional AC (alternating current) charging stations found mainly in urban settings, the Elli charging network now has around 33,000 high-power charging (HPC) stations throughout Europe. The new Plug&Charge technology brings additional convenience. This technology enables electric vehicles and charging stations to complete the charging process autonomously. All drivers have to do is connect the electric vehicle to the charging station – everything else is done automatically. In the Elli network, around 5,000 charging stations already have this option.

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