Brake, the road safety charity, is running a free webinar providing expert information and advice for employers and fleet and road safety professionals on tackling drink and drug driving.

The webinar will be delivered by Brake Professional, Brake’s low-cost membership service for professionals working in the field of fleet safety. Brake Professional shares training, tools, and guidance on global fleet safety best practice with its members, as well as networking and development opportunities. The webinar will cover the risks associated with driving under the influence of drink and drugs, including over the counter and prescription medication, and look at the risks involved in driving the morning after consuming alcohol or drugs. It is estimated that the police are currently arresting over 25,000 drug drivers a year. Many of these drivers are in company trucks, vans and cars whilst at work or on their way to work and the webinar will look at ways in which companies are mitigating their personal liability and how they can make the roads and their workplace safer for staff and the public

Sarah Plumb, senior fleet officer at Brake, said :“Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the biggest killers on our roads and employers have a responsibility to ensure their drivers are alcohol and drug free. I encourage all those with responsibility for at-work drivers to attend the webinar.”

The webinar takes place on Wednesday 14 November 2018. Attendance is free, and you can register by booking online.

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Brake Offers Free Webinar on tackling Drink and Drug Driving